Your trusty Rival Crock Pot Slow Cooker has quite the storied history; this site is a place to learn more about its surprising history, from the earliest basic Crock Pot design to the most recent advanced innovations such as the Rival Crock Pot BBQ Pit and Rival Versaware and the expanding choice of many other Rival slow cooker features, as well as to take a look at the rise in popularity of such things as Rival Crock Pot replacement parts and other sundry Crock Pot accessories.

A look forward to all things Rival Crock Pot (and one last look back at those Rival Crock Pot parts!)

I have to admit that this blog has been somewhat lacking in the new post department recently, and of course that is no one's fault but my own. As well, I realize that my last few posts on here have been maybe somewhat too focused on such things as Rival crock pot replacement parts. For example, concerning myself with such things as finding a Rival crock pot lid or a knob or even an entire Rival crock pot replacement when, despite your best efforts, your current slow cooker has given up the ghost. I was already aware that there is so much more that could and should be covered in this aspect of cooking and I am finally ready to make an effort in exploring some of those areas here with this site. In the future, I would like to take alook at some of the different kinds of crock pot slow cookers that are out there, such as the Versaware Crock Pot, the Crock Pot Elume, that comes with its own lcd touchpad, the Crock Pot Trio Cook and Serve, which is a double Crock Pot slow cooking appliance (ie. two crock pots mounted on one base) suitable for use when cooking for larger groups, as well as maybe even taking a look at the Rival Crock Pot BBQ Pit cooking appliance. I might possibly even go way off the beaten path of looking solely at the Rival Crock Pot slow cooker, and maybe take a brief look at the old-time stoneware crock. Then again maybe not, but wait and see, right?

Another idea I have toyed with and have even covered somewhat in a post on here a while ago, is the posting of some easy beginner crock pot recipes that are user friendly for the true beginner Crock Pot user. ( I was going to say for the beginner slow cooker cook, but that just reads like a typo, lol) One last thing I thought I would mention is the following observation: I know I have been one to harp on increasing general awareness of Rival Crockpot replacement parts recently, however i do feel some vindication for this habit when I consider the current instability of the World Economy of late; With most individuals feeling the pinch, so to speak, now more than ever people are looking for ways to save money wherever and however they can. This includes finding ways to make the things we have last longer instead of coughing up our hard earned dollars for a shiny new version of whatever. A look at the advertisements on this very site is an example of this; where last year we saw ads that were all over the place, we now are seeing more ads usually more targeted for the subject of this blog when it is discussing crock pot parts. Google likes to target its ads towards the content of a web page whenever possible. When in the past my posts on here that discussed replacement crock pot parts had as many non crock pot related ads as relevant crock pot parts ads it told me that there were probably not enough advertisers targeting those kinds of keywords; now however, I am noticing many more relevant ads on those same pages which tells me that there are more advertisers targeting such things as crock pots and crock pot parts, and since advertisers primarily follow demand, this suggests that people are looking more towards maintaining than replacing. A small bit of vindication, I would say.

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