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Touch screen slow cooking has arrived: A review of the Rival Elume Programmable Crock Pot

Last time I offered up a review, it was for the unusual Rival Crock Pot Trio: this time around we get to take a look at another unique Rival slow cooker...

An acquaintance of mine who is employed in a kitchenwares store was recently telling me about having the opportunity to try out the new Rival Elume Programmable Crock Pot slow cooker; She was quite impressed with it and was quite willing to make aseries of notes outlining the pros and cons of this shiny new Rival Crock Pot. The Rival Elume is an awfully appealing kitchen appliance. The stainless steel exterior is quite something and seems awfully easy to keep free of any smudges or fingerprints. Rival added a nice touch by means of the eLume's handles: they seem to be constructed of metal but include a silicone veneer that renders them easier to hold and safer than with earlier models of similar size Rival crock pot slowcookers. My friend told me that the black stoneware crock liner is enormously painless to wash and doesn't seem to leave any residue after cleaning. She said that that has been a problem with other black crock liners that she has used in the past.
The digital programmable attribute is uncomplicated to use and set and lets you select the hours and minutes for every offered temperature setting; as soon as the eLume crockpot auto-switches to the warm setting, it begins to countdown from 4 hours to allow you to distinguish just how long your food has been kept on the warm setting. Some kitchen cooks might be frustrated by the reality that you must turn the eLume slow cooker off and subsequently back on once more to switch from the High to Low setting however this isn't in actuality a big deal. The eLume's digital touch controls make it less of a task to keep the front of the unit spotless, yet, as is common with digital controls on any appliance, they are rather difficult to see in a brightly lit area. Frankly though, you will almost certainly find this to be a insignificant annoyance taking into account how lustrous the Rival elume appears along with how handy the touch controls make it to work the appliance. I am not aware if there is yet any support for this Crock Pot, meaning I don't know if there are yet any rival crock pot replacement parts made available for those owners who want to maintain their Elume Crocks.

About its performance, the eLume cooked marvelously, according to the kitchenwares' gal, and the slightly larger 6.5 Qt size of the crock was suitable enough for him to prepare a 4lb meatloaf and even a whole chicken. The eLume came with a recipe booklet with over 80 recipes, hints and tips. If I recall, my friend told me that she tried out the Lemon roasted whole chicken recipe as well as a fish recipe and a beef stew recipe. All of these turned out very nicely. By and large, the Rival eLume slowcooker was a joy to use and would be a stellar addition to any home kitchen.

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