Your trusty Rival Crock Pot Slow Cooker has quite the storied history; this site is a place to learn more about its surprising history, from the earliest basic Crock Pot design to the most recent advanced innovations such as the Rival Crock Pot BBQ Pit and Rival Versaware and the expanding choice of many other Rival slow cooker features, as well as to take a look at the rise in popularity of such things as Rival Crock Pot replacement parts and other sundry Crock Pot accessories.

The Rival Crock Pot: Meal preparation made easy.

Oh So Convenient.

People all around the world are rediscovering the amazing benefits of cooking with the Rival crock pot. They use very little electricity to operate, and are completely safe to leave on during the day. Wouldn’t it be nice to invite your friends over for dinner on Friday night and have it already cooked when you walk in the door? All you would have to do is pop the cork on your favorite bottle of wine and welcome them all inside. Effortless and simple entertaining.

For over 35 years and over 100 million slow cookers sold, Rival has continuously brought innovation and ingenuity to the realm of slow cooking. From adding the great ease of removable, Rinse-Clean stoneware to the latest introduction of today’s line of technologically advanced programmable slow cookers, the Rival Crockpot slow cooker has remained North America’s (if not the World's) original and Number 1 brand of slow cookers. When you think about it, the Crock Pot as a whole is so much more impressive than the sum of its Crock Pot parts!

It really is impressive just how diverse the Rival line of products actually is. Of course rival is known for crock pots but they also are a producer of many other items, including such things as
deep fryers, roaster ovens, skillets, and griddles among others. As well they are the makers of the 'Seal A Meal' line of products. Rival is the maker of toaster ovens popular for having a real variety of settings including 'roast', 'pizza', and 'keep warm'.

There is more: hot pots, rice cookers and food steamers increase the variety of cooking possibilities.

Finally, the ' At Home Entertaining ' line of family fun-themed products adds to the family fun possibilities of mealtime. Such things as popcorn poppers, quesadilla makers, ice cream makers, milkshake makers and snow cone makers are all available to increase your family's enjoyment of special occasions. And don't forget the fun to be had with Rival's fondue pots, chocolate fountains and beverage fountains!

Brand Name Dominance.

When you want to blow your nose, you probably look for a Kleenex - not a tissue. When you cut your finger you look for a Band Aid, not an elastic plaster bandage. If you want to clean the wax out of your ears you look for a Q-Tip, not a cotton tipped swab. Want to clean a window? You probably think of the Windex, and not the glass spray cleaner. see where this is going?

It is fair to say that only a handful of brand names reach such a level of success that makes the brand synonymous with the actual marketplace for that product. with it's Crock Pot brand of products Rival has reached that plateau. Most people probably would admit that they think of the 'crock pot' name when they think of a 'slow cooker'. That is brand success. Thinking of Coca -Cola instead of just thinking that you want a cola in general is brand success. That is the level that their slow cooker is now at.

Crock Pot history ( Or a History of Easy Cooking ).

Rival really does have a long history of bringing electric kitchen appliances to North American consumers - they have been doing so since 1932, beginning with the Rival 'Can-O-Mat'!

The history of Rival's Crock pot slow cooker is almost 'mind-blowing' when you look at it and consider how 'incidental' the creation of the modern crockpot brand actually was at the time of it's inception. Originally, in 1970, when Rival acquired the assets of another company and acquired with that the rights to 'the beanery' bean cooker appliance, it was little more than a curiosity project that had rival's cooking testers playing around with the small cooker to see if it had any more practical or commercial possibilities. It was ironic that it actually turned out that it could cook meat as well as - if not better than beans.

It was not that far removed from today's crock pot; it had a glazed brown crock liner a white steel outer shell and an aluminum lid.

Of course it wasn't until the following year, 1971, that Rival went ahead and launched the first version of the 'Crock pot'. This was more basic in design than what we see today: it was large, round and had a red steel outer shell.

Since that time, the Rival brand slow cooker has undergone a number of metamorphosis. A few years after launching the crockpot, Rival introduced one of the first major changes to it's design: the removable stoneware crock liner that was intended to make clean up easier. The idea of crock pot parts being removable was just the beginning: not long after, the idea of the parts being replaceable became a logical option. Later, a new oval shaped crock pot was introduced into the market as another option for consumers. Even later, Rival introduced a programmable crockpot.

More recently, Rival has also introduced such innovations as digital recipe settings and extreme temperature-resistant steel to their crock pot line.

Crock pot Style and Design.

A natural follow up to looking at the crock pots history is to stop and contemplate it's style and design; The Rival brand crock pot slow cooker has shown a history of being able to successfully evolve in ways that make it even more user friendly and desirable to it's target market ( that being anyone who likes to cook and appreciates the time-saving convenience that the crock pot offers). Who wouldn't want an easier to wash stoneware liner? Rival realised this and, 'presto', the crockpot now had a removable stoneware crock liner. Consumers wanted more variety of crock pot shape for differing cooking needs, and Rival responded with the introduction of the oval crock pot design.

Other style and functionality changes to the design of the crock pot slow cooker, such as the introduction of a clear glass lid and programmable controls have made the Rival crockpot even more consumer friendly.

Finally, the introduction of a whole range of crock pot accessories for use with the Rival crock pot have made it an even more rewarding cooking experience: Various utensils like a meat fork and tongs, removable meat racks for different sizes of crock pot, and even a heated sauce tray topper!

Keeping Your Crock Pot Running 'Tickety-Boo'.

I just mentioned the innovations that have been made to the Rival Crockpot. These are also reasons why your crockpot brand slow cooker should last you a long, long time.

Being able to order any new Rival Crock Pot replacement parts such as a lid or stoneware liner for your large or small crock pot when you need them can save you the cost involved with buying a whole new slow cooker (obviously). Another thing to consider is transport of your Rival slow cooker: there are crockpots out there designed to be more travel-friendly, but this is not the only option. There are different travel cases available for use with your crock pots. In addition, there are different dust covers available for use with your valued crock pot. And remember, these all are available in 'small round' and 'medium round' sizes as well as 'small oval' and 'medium oval' sizes.

The Rival Crock Pot brings with it a long history of slow cooking.

The Rival crock pot is to the history of slow cookers, and slow cooking in general, what Disney is to the history of Family theme parks or animated movies.

Rival has been bringing electric kitchen appliances to consumers' homes since 1932; Beginning with the Rival Can-0-Mat over 70 years ago, through recent product introductions such as the removable parts Fryers, Skillets and Griddles, Rival focuses on innovation that helps make your cooking experience more pleasurable.

The Rival crock pot has a curious history.

Crock Pot is the registered trade make of the Rival company. However it has become so well known that it's become the generic name for all slow cookers of this type ( just like 'Kleenex' for tissue and 'Band-aid' for adhesive plaster bandages).

In late 1970, Rival acquired the assets of another company. And along with this acquisition was a little appliance called the 'Beanery'. It was a basic bean cooker. It was made of white steel, with a glazed brown crock liner, and an aluminium lid.

Rival's own cooks and chefs started to experiment with this little bean cooker. Soon they discovered that it cooked meat even better than beans. Soon after, the birth of the Rival Crock Pot took place.

Some Crockpot high points:

- Rival acquires the assets of Naxon Utilities Corp and the "Beanery" slow cooker.

1971 -
Rival introduces the new Crock Pot slow cooker – (formerly the "Beanery").

1974 -
Rival brings removable stoneware to Crock Pot slow cookers, making clean-up easy.

1981 - Sales of CrockPot slow cookers reach $30 million after only 10 years.

1997 -
Oval CrockPot slow cookers were introduced.

2001 -
Crock Pot develops the first-ever programmable slow cooker – the Smart-Pot.

That Rival Crock Pot style.

The rival crock pot established a look and a design for a whole category of kitchen appliance: the slow cooker.

Rival brought the modern slow cooker to the kitchen, and then later followed that up with the introductio0n of new styles and innovations (by 1997, oval Crockpot slow cookers had been introduced). From adding the convenience of removable, Rinse-Clean stoneware to the introduction of today’s line of technologically advanced programmable slow cookers, the Rival CrockPot slow cooker has remained North America’s original and #1 brand of slow cookers.

You have heard enough about the success and innovation of the Crockpot brand slow cooker, but maybe it is time to take a step back and ask, what is a Crockpot?

The Crock Pot is a type of slow cooker that has the heating elements around the edge of the pot. It generally consists of three main parts the Housing, the Crock and the Lid. The Housing is generally made of plastic or alloy with an aluminum liner containing the heating elements. Inside this sits the Crock. This is a pot made of crockery in which you place the food. For ease of cleaning choose a Crock Pot with a removable crock. And of course the crockpot lid goes on top. Make sure you have a see thru crockpot lid, so you can see how things are progressing without lifting the lid and losing any of the cooking heat. It is also probably no surprise that some of these parts of the crock pot slow cooker appliance can be maintained or replaced with the judicious use of Rival Crock Pot replacement parts when necessary.

The Rival Crock Pot slow cooker is all about convenience.

Slow cookers in general, and the Rival crock pot brand in particular, are all about convenience and making our daily lives that much easier.

In fact, Rival has even made a point of marketing that aspect of its crockpot line of products in it's own advertising, as seen in this example:

"It’s going on 7:00, and Jackie is just walking in the door. She’s had an exhausting day at work, and after picking up the kids from soccer practice they got stuck in traffic and are just now getting home. The thought of standing on her feet another hour cooking dinner makes her cringe, but as she opens the door she catches a whiff of warm beef stew, and remembers. Dinner’s already taken care of. She threw everything in her Rival crock pot this morning! That simple 1/2-hour of prep has saved her a grueling chore this evening. She smiles, and heads upstairs to change clothes so she can play with the kids a bit before dinner.

Jackie’s story is all too common. With the hectic, rushed lives that everyone leads these days, having a tool to help you take care of cooking dinner is invaluable. That’s where a Rival crock pot comes in handy. Cooking with a slow cooker takes a fraction of the time as on the stovetop, and involves 95% less work. For a busy family they’re an invaluable time saver, and can allow you to spend more time in the evening doing something you want to do, versus something you have to.

Crockpots can give you:

* More time for yourself in the evening.
* Healthy meals with little advance prep.

* More time during the day. Crockpots need little tending and allows you to focus on things other than dinner. You can get more chores done when you crockpot.

* Tasty dinners. Recipes are usually very simple and almost impossible to mess up!

As you can see, whether you have no time or all the time in the world, slow cookers can offer you a host of benefits that you’d be hard pressed to find in any other appliance."

Of course there is also the invaluable convenience that the Rival crockpot offers you when planning to entertain others for dinner.

Many people avoid entertaining their friends at home today because it’s just so much work. Cooking for all of your guests can be extremely time-consuming, and all those dishes to be washed afterwards makes it seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Using a rival crock pot to do the cooking for you, however, can take away a lot of the stress of entertaining.

Think about it. What if you could have your friends over for a relaxing dinner and only spend twenty minutes tohalf an hour in the kitchen prepping that morning for that evening's dinner? You could be hanging out with them over drinks instead of slaving over a hot stove. Rival crock pots offer a long list of time saving advantages, one of which is enabling you to spend more time with your dinner guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen. And what’s even better is that at the end of the night, there is only the ceramic pot to wash. No piles of dirty pots and pans from your dinner party! You can put your feet up and relax.

Truly, entertaining using your slow cooker makes cleanup a breeze … leaving you free to relax after your guests are gone!

Easy beginner Crock Pot Recipes? Just throw it all in!

Sometimes people can get so hung up on the idea that you cannot possibly cook without a recipe staring you in the face, just daring you to make a mistake. With a rival crock pot at your disposal, the intimidation factor just isn't there. Sure when first starting out with a crock pot you might want to keep some easy beginner crock pot recipes around just as a rough or basic guideline, but soon enough - whether you are cooking beef, pork, chicken, fish or - whatever, you will be amazed at just how little you really need to consult with anything written down! Sure enough you will find yourself just simply going and preparing the ingredients the way that YOU like them and combining them all together in your Crock Pot the way that YOU think that they should be, and setting them to cook for however long you feel they need based on your own personal schedule or timeline. And after it is all finished cooking, you get to enjoy an easy and convenient freshly prepared meal - the kind of meal that YOU deserve.

However, if you do think that you need a guide when taking your first steps, there is a plethora of recipe resources out there for you. Of course there are numerous crock pot recipe books out on the market now, as well as a staggering number of websites on the internet offering easy to follow/use crock pot receipes useful for both the novice or the seasoned slow cooking pro. In fact I am even prepared to present you with just a sampling of the easy crock pot recipes available!


Start this tasty slow cooker recipe in the morning, and by the afternoon you will have a delicious beef pot roast in its own gravy ready and waiting for you and your family.
The following ingredients are needed:

- 1 boneless beef sirloin tip roast - around 3 to 5 pounds in size
- 1/2 a cup of all purpose flour divided into two, 1/4 amounts
- 1 envelope of onion soup mix
- one envelope of brown gravy mix
- 2 cups of cold water
* optional* - 1 cup of chopped carrots
- 1/2 cup of chopped onions
- freshly chopped garlic

Go and cut your roast in half. Rub it around in the first 1/4 of flour. Now go and place your roast in a slow cooker. Now you need to combine your soup mix, gravy mix and the remaining 1/4 cup of flour into a bowl; stir in the cold water and make sure the ingredients are all well blended. Pour the mixture over the roast. At this point you can add in any of the optional ingredients that you have prepared. Now cover and cook the roast on low for between 8 and 10 hours depending on how tender you want the meat. After it is ready, slice up the meat and serve it up with your choice of sides.(mashed potatoes is especially recommended for this recipe)


Here is a very easy way to cook your pork roast in the Crock Pot; the first thing to do is make sure you are using a well sized or well fitting cut of meat - it has to be able to comfortably fit in the pot remember! I wouldn't really worry too much about the actual cut of meat, whatever joint you use, shoulder, leg, etc. it should be fine.


-appropriate sized piece of pork for roasting
-assorted vegetables cut up into 1 inch cubes
-1 tablespoon of butter mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of ground sage and 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

The first thing is to throw in any veggies that you will be cooking, into the empty pot. Remember that any veggies that you cook this way will not be crispy - they will instead be soft and will take on the flavour of your chosen meat. Now it is time to rub the butter/sage/ginger mixture over the raw meat. After doing this, place the meat on top of the veggies in the pot. Make sure it all fits comfortably in the Crock together with the lid down.

Now you just have to choose whether to set it to cook on low ( for 8 to 10 hours ) or on high ( for 4 to 6 hours ), and thats it. Really that's all there is to it.


-chicken: legs/drumsticks, wings, thighs or breasts are all good
-vegetables cut up into 1 inch sized cubes, 2 to 3 cups worth
-1 can of any cream soup (ie 'cream of ...') such as mushroom, chicken or corn
-1 teaspoon of crushed garlic or ginger
-1 teaspoon of any preferred herbs (optional)

This one is really easy too; just add the veggies into the empty pot. Next add the chicken into the pot and then throw in the crushed garlic or ginger. After this, you just pour the entire can of soup over the chicken and veggies, cover the whole lot and start cooking. See, I told you it was easy! For cooking on high, let it cook around 3 to 4 hours, for the low setting let it cook for between 6 to 8 hours. If you are going to add herbs, the time to do it is during the last hour and a half.


Now this one takes a few more ingredients and a little more effort but is well worth it.


-2 cans of shrimp (about 5 ounces each) [drained]
-2 cans of tuna (about 7 ounces each) [flaked]
-2 cans of crab meat (about 7 ounces each) pick over to remove any cartilage
-1 can of chopped pimiento (4 ounces) [drained]
-1/3 cup of minced fresh parsley
-3 cups of instant rice, uncooked
-2 cans of condensed cream of mushroom soup
-3 cups of water
-1/2 cup of dry white wine
-1/4 cup of onion [chopped]
-2 teaspoons of dill weed
-1/2 teaspoon paprika
-1/2 teaspoon of Tabasco sauce

This one isn't really that hard to do despite the long ingredients list; First you place the first six of the listed ingredients in your Crock Pot. Second, you combine the cream of mushroom soup with water, wine, onion, dill weed, paprika and the Tabasco sauce. Now pour that mixture over the rice and seafood mixture in the Crock Pot. Stir it all gently to make sure that it is all well blended. Cover and cook on the low setting for 3 to 4 hours. All done!


This is a really easy recipe with just a few ingredients for a really delicious tasting beef stew.


-4 medium-sized red potatoes
-1 to 1/2 lbs. of beef stewing meat
-1/3 cup of flour
-salt and pepper [to taste]
-one 14 oz. can of diced tomatoes [undrained]
-2 cups of water
-3 cups [in total] of frozen stir fry bell peppers and onion

Here you go: First scrub the potatoes and proceed to cut each one into quarters. Place the cut up potatoes in the bottom of your Crock Pot. Then mix the flour, salt and pepper and toss with the beef to make sure the beef is well coated. Add to your Crock Pot. Next, add the undrained tomatoes and water and stir them in. Cover the Crockpot and cook it on the low setting for about seven to eight hours until the beef and potatoes are at the desired tenderness. Add the stir fry vegetables. Now cover and cook it on the low setting for thirty to forty minutes until the vegetables are nice and tender. This should end up making you about four to six servings. Enjoy!

There you go, just a few simple alternatives to get you started and on your merry way! And remember, its not very hard to find people offering new and inventive crock pot recipes almost everyday online. As you become more accustomed to your Rival slow cooker you might even want to experiment with some of the more 'intriguing' or down right bizarre crock recipes out there. (can you say coca-cola and a crock pot?)

More than just Crock Pot slow cookers: Rival offers a wide range of products.

The Rival brand name is more than just rival crock pot slow cookers. Rival is also known for a very wide variety of consumer kitchen products. Rival is a leader in small kitchen electric cooking appliances, and offers a full array of high quality items, such as deep fryers, roaster ovens, skillets, griddles and more. Rival products really are innovative, easy to use and clean, and make quick and tasty meals. And remember, all of this is without mentioning the fact that the Rival family o
Publish Post
f products also includes the popular brands Crockpot and Seal-a-Meal!

Rival's counter top ovens
are great for cooking a variety of foods at any time of day. They are versatile with functions including toast, bake, broil, roast, pizza and keep warm. Also, clean up is a snap with non-stick interiors and slide out crumb trays.

Rival griddles offer real value added features to provide families that extra convenience for quick, easy and delicious meals.

You can heat everything from water to soup with Rival's line of impressive Hot Pots. Swifter than a microwave and portable for home or office use.

You can achieve perfect rice every time with Rival's rice cookers and food steamers. Available in 6-20 cup capacities, all with cook and keep warm functions to conveniently keep rice fresh and moist for hours.

Rival also makes versatile roaster ovens that do more than just roast. They also bake, cook and serve. So whether it’s a turkey, vegetable soup, pecan pie, or bread pudding, Rival roasters are appropriate for any of your family meals.

As well, they offer a range of party -themed items under the ba
nner of 'At Home Entertaining'; Family fun items such as popcorn poppers and quesadilla makers. Frozen treats items such as ice cream makers, milkshake makers and snow cone makers. Party items such as fondue pots, chocolate fountains and beverage fountains.

Rival Crock Pot: First among modern slow cookers.

There are a few brand names that have come to represent a whole field or category of product; brand names that have come to be synonymous with the actual marketplace label for a given product. For example, when you think of a protective bandage you probably think of a 'band aid' - not an elastic bandage. If you want to clean the wax from your ears, you would probably think of using a 'Q-Tip', and not a 'cotton-tipped swab'. Cleaning your windows? You probably think 'Windex' and not 'window spray-cleaner', right?

The point I am making here is that the Rival Crock Pot brand name has become synonymous with the field of slow cookers. This is probably only fair, considering that the Rival Crockpot was the first slow cooker and has come to be considered by many to be the 'best in breed', so to speak.

When you think about it, the Crockpot brand really nailed it: they single-handedly created a market for an appliance that only they were able to offer at the beginning. The whole process of acquiring the necessary patented technology (the beanery appliance), the willingness to field test the newly acquired product in an effort to expand upon its usefulness, and of course the willingness to invest the time and money necessary to put a new product into a marketplace that didn't already have an established demand for that product.

Of course competition has emerged in the slow cooker marketplace since those early, uncertain days but that is to be expected in any successful field or market. However, even to this day, that has done nothing to diminish the relevance or brand name association of the Rival Crockpot brand.

The Rival Crock pot brand name has tradition on its side, and it is safe to say that Crockpot is here to stay.

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