Your trusty Rival Crock Pot Slow Cooker has quite the storied history; this site is a place to learn more about its surprising history, from the earliest basic Crock Pot design to the most recent advanced innovations such as the Rival Crock Pot BBQ Pit and Rival Versaware and the expanding choice of many other Rival slow cooker features, as well as to take a look at the rise in popularity of such things as Rival Crock Pot replacement parts and other sundry Crock Pot accessories.

D-I-Y Service and Maintenance can keep your Crock Pot slow cooker going for a looong time.

The rival crock pot is like most kitchen appliances: sometimes it needs some good old 'T L C' to keep it in fine working order.

Sometimes I think that Crock Pot owners forget just how much of the simple maintenance of their slow cookers they can do themselves. Many of the basic components of the Rival crockpot are easily replacable if it becomes necessary to do so.

One part of the Crockpot that is easily replaced is the crock pot lid: one visit to the official Crockpot website will show you just how many different sizes of glass or ceramic slow cooker lids are available for order. From 2.5 quarts to 6 quarts, all of these sizes are available for order online. The more common crock pot 5 and 6 quart model #s, 3351, 3355, 3504, 3550, 3656, 3760, 3845, 3850 and 3950 all include a glass round lid that is replaceable with replacement lid model #230-332. Crock Pot model #s 4745 and 5445 have lids that are replaceable with glass lid with knob model # 5445-bc. If your Crockpot lid is still intact but just needs a new knob, that too is something you can order. As mentioned, both types of parts are available on line from a wide range of Rival crockpot parts dealers and retailers, just look for any advertiser mentioning the Rival Crock Pot brand name.

As I also mentioned, the inner stoneware liner of the crock pot can be easily replaced when necessary. Rival Crock Pot replacement liners are available for Rival brand slow cookers in sizes of 3.5 and 6.5 quarts. The Rival Smart Pot slow cooker even has a divided liner that allows you to prepare two different meals simultaneously. That replacement liner is also dishwasher safe , microwaveable and scratch resistant. These as well are both available from a large number of online Rival replacement parts retailers.

Of course beyond simple servicing and maintenance, there is quite a varied range of accessories available for use with your Rival crock pot that can truly enhance its use in your kitchen! There is a wide range of travel cases and dust covers available to keep your slow cooker covered, available in such sizes as 'small round' and 'medium round', as well as 'small oval' and 'medium oval'.

And then there are the gadgets: there are a number of gadgets / accessories that are of much use while using your crockpot. One neat item you can get is the Potpourri Diffuser! This is small and quite nifty. Another is the Crock-Pot Meat Fork & Tong Set, which is made of high grade, heat resistant silicone and is soft enough so that it won't scrape or scratch your crockpot liner. Also made of silicone are the Stainless Steel Slotted Ladle, the stainless steel spatula and the stainless steel spoon.

Also available for use with your rival crockpot are removable crock pot meat racks that come in different sizes, and are available for both the round and oval-shaped pots.

Finally there is the 'Double dipper' slow cooker; this item is handy should you need to have a number of heated dips available to serve to your dinner guests.

If any of the above mentioned crock pot accessories or gadgets have piqued your curiosity, they can all be seen at the Rival Crockpot site.

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