Your trusty Rival Crock Pot Slow Cooker has quite the storied history; this site is a place to learn more about its surprising history, from the earliest basic Crock Pot design to the most recent advanced innovations such as the Rival Crock Pot BBQ Pit and Rival Versaware and the expanding choice of many other Rival slow cooker features, as well as to take a look at the rise in popularity of such things as Rival Crock Pot replacement parts and other sundry Crock Pot accessories.

The Rival Crock Pot: Meal preparation made easy.

Oh So Convenient.

People all around the world are rediscovering the amazing benefits of cooking with the Rival crock pot. They use very little electricity to operate, and are completely safe to leave on during the day. Wouldn’t it be nice to invite your friends over for dinner on Friday night and have it already cooked when you walk in the door? All you would have to do is pop the cork on your favorite bottle of wine and welcome them all inside. Effortless and simple entertaining.

For over 35 years and over 100 million slow cookers sold, Rival has continuously brought innovation and ingenuity to the realm of slow cooking. From adding the great ease of removable, Rinse-Clean stoneware to the latest introduction of today’s line of technologically advanced programmable slow cookers, the Rival Crockpot slow cooker has remained North America’s (if not the World's) original and Number 1 brand of slow cookers. When you think about it, the Crock Pot as a whole is so much more impressive than the sum of its Crock Pot parts!

It really is impressive just how diverse the Rival line of products actually is. Of course rival is known for crock pots but they also are a producer of many other items, including such things as
deep fryers, roaster ovens, skillets, and griddles among others. As well they are the makers of the 'Seal A Meal' line of products. Rival is the maker of toaster ovens popular for having a real variety of settings including 'roast', 'pizza', and 'keep warm'.

There is more: hot pots, rice cookers and food steamers increase the variety of cooking possibilities.

Finally, the ' At Home Entertaining ' line of family fun-themed products adds to the family fun possibilities of mealtime. Such things as popcorn poppers, quesadilla makers, ice cream makers, milkshake makers and snow cone makers are all available to increase your family's enjoyment of special occasions. And don't forget the fun to be had with Rival's fondue pots, chocolate fountains and beverage fountains!

Brand Name Dominance.

When you want to blow your nose, you probably look for a Kleenex - not a tissue. When you cut your finger you look for a Band Aid, not an elastic plaster bandage. If you want to clean the wax out of your ears you look for a Q-Tip, not a cotton tipped swab. Want to clean a window? You probably think of the Windex, and not the glass spray cleaner. see where this is going?

It is fair to say that only a handful of brand names reach such a level of success that makes the brand synonymous with the actual marketplace for that product. with it's Crock Pot brand of products Rival has reached that plateau. Most people probably would admit that they think of the 'crock pot' name when they think of a 'slow cooker'. That is brand success. Thinking of Coca -Cola instead of just thinking that you want a cola in general is brand success. That is the level that their slow cooker is now at.

Crock Pot history ( Or a History of Easy Cooking ).

Rival really does have a long history of bringing electric kitchen appliances to North American consumers - they have been doing so since 1932, beginning with the Rival 'Can-O-Mat'!

The history of Rival's Crock pot slow cooker is almost 'mind-blowing' when you look at it and consider how 'incidental' the creation of the modern crockpot brand actually was at the time of it's inception. Originally, in 1970, when Rival acquired the assets of another company and acquired with that the rights to 'the beanery' bean cooker appliance, it was little more than a curiosity project that had rival's cooking testers playing around with the small cooker to see if it had any more practical or commercial possibilities. It was ironic that it actually turned out that it could cook meat as well as - if not better than beans.

It was not that far removed from today's crock pot; it had a glazed brown crock liner a white steel outer shell and an aluminum lid.

Of course it wasn't until the following year, 1971, that Rival went ahead and launched the first version of the 'Crock pot'. This was more basic in design than what we see today: it was large, round and had a red steel outer shell.

Since that time, the Rival brand slow cooker has undergone a number of metamorphosis. A few years after launching the crockpot, Rival introduced one of the first major changes to it's design: the removable stoneware crock liner that was intended to make clean up easier. The idea of crock pot parts being removable was just the beginning: not long after, the idea of the parts being replaceable became a logical option. Later, a new oval shaped crock pot was introduced into the market as another option for consumers. Even later, Rival introduced a programmable crockpot.

More recently, Rival has also introduced such innovations as digital recipe settings and extreme temperature-resistant steel to their crock pot line.

Crock pot Style and Design.

A natural follow up to looking at the crock pots history is to stop and contemplate it's style and design; The Rival brand crock pot slow cooker has shown a history of being able to successfully evolve in ways that make it even more user friendly and desirable to it's target market ( that being anyone who likes to cook and appreciates the time-saving convenience that the crock pot offers). Who wouldn't want an easier to wash stoneware liner? Rival realised this and, 'presto', the crockpot now had a removable stoneware crock liner. Consumers wanted more variety of crock pot shape for differing cooking needs, and Rival responded with the introduction of the oval crock pot design.

Other style and functionality changes to the design of the crock pot slow cooker, such as the introduction of a clear glass lid and programmable controls have made the Rival crockpot even more consumer friendly.

Finally, the introduction of a whole range of crock pot accessories for use with the Rival crock pot have made it an even more rewarding cooking experience: Various utensils like a meat fork and tongs, removable meat racks for different sizes of crock pot, and even a heated sauce tray topper!

Keeping Your Crock Pot Running 'Tickety-Boo'.

I just mentioned the innovations that have been made to the Rival Crockpot. These are also reasons why your crockpot brand slow cooker should last you a long, long time.

Being able to order any new Rival Crock Pot replacement parts such as a lid or stoneware liner for your large or small crock pot when you need them can save you the cost involved with buying a whole new slow cooker (obviously). Another thing to consider is transport of your Rival slow cooker: there are crockpots out there designed to be more travel-friendly, but this is not the only option. There are different travel cases available for use with your crock pots. In addition, there are different dust covers available for use with your valued crock pot. And remember, these all are available in 'small round' and 'medium round' sizes as well as 'small oval' and 'medium oval' sizes.

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