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The Rival Crock Pot Trio Cook & Serve: A review of a three-headed kitchen workhorse

Following on the heels of my recent review of the innovative new Rival Versaware Crock Pot, I have yet another Crock Pot assessment for you. A short time ago I was at the home of a friend and had the opportunity to toy around with a new kitchen appliance that he had just purchased; the appliance in question was the latest Crockpot from the Rival corporation, the Rival Crock Pot Trio Cook & Serve. If you are like me you might not have heard much concerning this one so far - in reality I am not yet certain that it will become popular in the run of the mill family residence setting, more likely it will be fashionable with those planning to plan meals for a bigger crowd of company. I am told that the crockpot trio is an impressive appliance and can make cooking for a group a more pleasant experience. It would not be excess to use it to organize a whole supper for just a a small number of individuals too.

The Crock Pot Trio in actuality appears very inspiring with its three black 2.5 qt stoneware pots, with each one having its own separate controls all on the same station. You can opt to cook in any one, two or all three crockpots at once. The unit comes with a set of three plastic serving spoons. It also comes with a little recipe book.

My acquaintance told me that the Trio operated pretty competently when he tried a couple of the recipes from the included recipe booklet; the chili recipe and the herbed vegetables recipes, I believe. The array is really anticipated to be a buffet server and would probably do the job well enough for somebody cooking for a family gathering or comparable sized group. For an individual catering for a family, the Trio could be functional as a way to with no trouble prepare a complete supper: for instance you may perhaps cook some soup in one pot, a few veggies inside the second pot and an entre in the third pot. The Trio is not programmable but you can set varying cooking times for each pot that you might have in use. As well you are able to make use of one pot as a warmer whilst cooking with the others. As well it could operate as a heated beverage serving station designed for drinks such as apple cider or hot chocolate.

This crock pot appliance is pretty simple to clean up: the base component wipes up with no trouble and the stoneware crock pot liners and brushed steel lids are all dishwasher compliant. The appliance includes a notched section for you to support the spoons for the duration of meal preparation but the spoon balance is somewhat dubious when used since they have a tendaency to tip once the crockpot cover is removed. The appliance could be one thing that you have got to put in storage when not using in your home, as it takes up a fair bit of room, measuring out to a length of 32".


Anonymous said...

I purchased a trio cook & serve and have not used it yet. My question is : When you have all three crock pots going at once on high, does it blow the circuit for the plug in outlet? Second question How does it compare to the Bell Cucina 3-in-1 slow cooker? I can purchase one of these for $30.00 less than the trio cook & serve I recently purchased.

Anonymous said...

We love our Trio...bought it at Costco and use it all the time. We have children that like blander food than the two adults so often for dinner we have 2 entrees cooking in separate crocks and a soup or veggie in the 3rd. For parties we do a taco/burrito bar with melted queso, a shredded meat and then a chili. For a dessert bar we keep chocolate, vanilla, and butterscotch puddings (use cooked puddings, NOT instant) in the pots and dip bananas, angel food cake and strawberries. We use our Trio so often that we made counter space for it.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am definitely glad to find this. Good job!

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